The Unspoken rules of Irish Pubs

Irish Pubs

Ireland is famous for its pub and bar culture if not for their drinking addiction. While it is easy to order a drink and have a casual chat with your friends at the ambience, this simple task to comprise of some of the unspoken rules that nobody tells you about. If you wish to know what they are, then stick till the end of the article and find out for yourself!

Buying a round

This is one of the most important rules, but when not followed, can leave you with a wrong impression in the minds of the locals and the barmen. Since the entire crowd of Ireland is fun-loving and lovely, there is a good enough chance that you might sit with the locals for a drink or two. Whenever the group finishes their drink, each person goes up to the counter and orders for everyone. You should not miss your turn of ordering or buying everyone a drink, lest you should lose your new Irish friends that you just made. Also, another pro tip to add here is that the couples do not count as one. Since each one is having a drink, they ought to order.


Patience is the key for Guinness

The drink is poured in two different stages, and it needs to settle down ultimately, which takes about a minute or two. So, if you order a pint of this drink in the bar, then the barman will fill your glass until half full and move on to something else. Don’t gulp your drink but wait for him to return and complete the drink. Once finished filling your glass, please wait for a minute so that it amalgams with the first drink and then begin to savour it.

Getting a bartender’s attention

Irish pubs and bars are generally crowded considering the fun and alcohol friendly people that they are. Hence, you have to wait for a couple of minutes for the bartender to process your order. Get started from getting close to the barman as much as possible. If you still don’t get his attention, lift your pointing finger. Sticking money in the air to get his attention is the last thing you want to do, as it is considered disrespectful.


Drinking isn’t a race

In countries like North America, drinking and getting high is considered a race- especially among young teens. However, the opposite is followed in Irish pubs – it isn’t a race, and it is imperative to drink slowly. Social drinking is one of the critical skills that ought to be maintained in the place.

Key Takeaway

Irish pubs fall under the destination experience the most fun and excitement, but this can be experienced and enhanced if you follow the right etiquettes of the destination. These unspoken rules are the key to better your drinking experience. When in Ireland, be an Irish!